Out-Of-State CII Prescription Requirements


TCU Health Center Pharmacy is one of the very few Texas pharmacies that may fill a prescription for a controlled substance listed in Schedule II written by a prescriber in another state. To do so, the following conditions must be met (as required by Section 481.075 of TSBP regulations):

1.Only signed, dated original prescriptions are accepted and must fulfill the Texas DPS regulations for a valid prescription.
2.The prescription must be filled within 21 days from the date the prescription is written.
3.TCU Pharmacy must have a copy of the out-of-state physician’s DEA license and authorized signature on file before the first fill. Texas law prohibits nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants from prescribing C-II prescriptions.
•The DEA license copy and authorized signature may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the pharmacy at the following address:

TCU Health Center Pharmacy
2825 Stadium Drive-Box 297400
Ft. Worth, TX 76109
817-257-5271 – FAX

4.The patient must provide a valid TCU Student ID and/or driver’s license at the time of the first fill and when picking up the prescribed medication.
5.TCU Police will be called in on any strongly suspected fraudulent prescriptions.
6.No Schedule II prescriptions will be mailed or picked up by a third party. Students must sign acknowledging receipt of the medication.