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TCU Health Center Pharmacy offers a convenient location, competitive pricing,
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The TCU Pharmacy
2825 Stadium Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76109

During the University’s adjusted schedule for COVID, the pharmacy will be open 9AM to 5PM M-F through Wednesday, November 25 with no holiday breaks. After November 25, please check the pharmacy and the Health Center websites for updated hours of operation in December.

Tap to call…

(817) 257-8849

Fax: (817) 257-5271 


Hours of Operation
Fall-Spring: Open 9 am – 5 pm M-F; Closed from 12-1


Be sure to check the school calendar for Health Center Closings.

Refill Your Prescription Online 
You can order a refill of your prescriptions by clicking the link in the menu above. If the prescription is on file we will have it ready in no time at all. Medications can be mailed to students at no cost.

TCU Pharmacy News

In addition to your prescription needs…
The TCU Health Center Pharmacy
has a variety of over-the-counter medications and products.
All purchases may be charged to your “send home” account.
· Cough/cold/sinus
· First aid
· Headache/pain
· Feminine hygiene
· Condoms/Plan B
· Skin care
· Stomach/intestinal
· Vitamins
· Oral hygiene
· Sore Throat
· Eye and Ear drops